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GTA Consulting
Jun 3 2020
PR & Advertising
Public Relations (PR)/Advertising  E-mail

From Concept formulation/copywriting (print, broadcast, outdoor/display, web site,

direct mail, SMS); including contributions to visual/audio input of artists or producers.

We also handle project/campaign strategy formulation, planning and management

including media planning, scheduling and execution, media production planning and

evaluation, product/corporate slogans and lyrics of music jingle (composition) and

Agency management. Our tactical and strategic PR planning covers image enhancement,

corporate identity, publicity techniques, issues campaign, media relations). PR Writing

(News releases, contributed articles, guest editorials, in-house publications, brochures).

This also include Internal communication; Event planning and management; Crisis

communication (Planning and management); Corporate social responsibility or CSR

(Planning and management) as well as Cause-related marketing (Strategy formulation

and management).