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Jun 3 2020
SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT MASTER CLASS: Strategies and Tactics for Effective Social Media Communications  E-mail

Course Overview:
The internet and social media make crises harder to predict and to manage. At the same time, social technologies provide an opportunity for organizations and agencies of government to connect with audiences, deepen relationships and re-build trust.

Join our top-rated emerging technologies instructors for this master class interactive session, and receive the latest tips and tricks to help you raise your social media management bar to the next level. Bring along your laptop, and prepare to update your digital communications and improve your social marketing engagement rates.

Course Objectives:

Participants will learn how to:
* Sell the value of social media to anyone.
* Improve the search visibility of your content.
* Perform applied social marketing tasks autonomously.
* Use free and premium social monitoring platforms.
* Prevent a social media crisis.
* Publish on Wordpress, iTunes and SoundCloud.
* Share via mobile on Instagram, Vine and Ustream.

Who Should Attend?
The course is designed for officers, executives and management-level practitioners who oversee their organization's social media communications, as well as individuals who are responsible for implementing social media communications.

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