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Jun 3 2020
Poverty is not Hereditary  E-mail

By Joseph Chuks Elue:

Money ranks with love as man’s greatest source of joy and with death as his greatest source of anxiety…. It is equally important to those who have it and those who do not
- John Kenneth Galbraith

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Poverty Great Falsehood
3. Laws of Prosperity
4. A Portrait of the Rich
5. Think Big
6. Strong Desire, Powerful Results
7. Decision
8. Faith for Wealth
9. Yellow Card: Failure Message Ahead
10. Grow on Every Side
11. Sharpen Your Human Relations Skill
12. Connect Your Heart to Your Mouth
13. Psychology of Leadership
14. Networking for Success
15. Manage your Finances
16. What do You See? Opportunities or Problems
17. Business Failure: How to Avoid the Mines
18. Love and Money
19. Get Up and Go Do It
20. The Final Word

Money ranks with love as man’s greatest source of joy and with death as his greatest source of anxiety…. It is equally important to those who have it and those who do not
- John Kenneth Galbraith
I have been poor and I have been rich and I know that to be rich is better than to be poor.
- Anonymous
God had His cabinet meeting awhile ago to discuss the problems with Nigeria and find lasting solution to the issue of poverty in the land. Midway into the meeting, Satan showed up and began accusing God of partiality and Nigerian of ungratefulness. God was surprised and angry with Satan but being a just God, He allowed Satan to throw more light on his accusations and Satan said:
Excuse me Sir, you are very partial, look at Niger and Chad, you gave them little or no mineral resources and put them inside a desert where little or no crop can grow. Benin republic you gave nothing, not even a large land mass or population to support a larger market, her population is not even up to that of Lagos State. What of her other neighbours in the region? What did you give them? But look at Nigeria”

God cuts in and ask: what about Nigeria?
“Yes, you gave her everything. You gave Nigeria arable land that there is no crop that cannot grow there; is it rice, beans, okra, yam, wheat, apple, vegetables, gum Arabic, coffee, cocoa, or what? In Nigeria you have timber, groundnut, cassava, cows, goats, rams, horses and donkeys. Mineral resources are abundant; you also gave that country iron ore, columbite, bauxite, limestone, bitumen, gold and other precious stones.

To cap it up, you gave oceans and rivers to Nigeria to generate electricity, put all kinds of seafood inside their waters and upon that you put black gold-oil and gas under their waters. Haba! God you are very partial. If I had brought my computer, I would have proved to this august meeting with more statistics, how partial you are to Nigeria”,

God waved his hand and stopped Satan.
“Hold it Satan, hold it. Have you considered the people that I put in that country?”
(Satan cuts in)
“You mean those people who refuse to allow their country to break no matter what? You mean those people who pray night and day to stop my activities? Even in a simple thing like football match, they will pray in the field of play. I can’t understand”
God ordered Satan out of the meeting and continued his deliberations with his angels and said:
Gentlemen, the issues raised by Satan are sobering; that I love Nigeria there is no doubt, that I have given her all that she needs to turn that nation into a paradise on earth is not in dispute but what is the problem with Nigeria?

An angel, a specialist in management and motivation said that, “not knowing what you want is a problem of knowledge, not pursuing what you want is a problem of motivation and not achieving what you want is a problem of persistence”.

When asked to elaborate, he said that most Nigerians are system dependent, that is, they want handout from the three tiers of government and they don’t exactly know what they want for their lives.

Secondly, while striving to achieve a set goal, if they encounter the slightest opposition they will begin to murmur and complain against their government and others but themselves.

Thirdly, they do not achieve what they want they want because they do not stay put long enough to see the fruit of their labour.

“So what do we do? God asked the management guru who said that Nigerians should be made to realize that:
§ Opportunities do not always go with security
§ Their economic destiny is in their own hands and not in the hand of another person or institution.
§ God has given them everything that they need to become prosperous.
§ Nigerians should get wise because it is wisdom that will help them reach their highest expectation.
§ Someone should write a book on personal development that will help Nigerians reinvent themselves because you give your nation not what you want but who you are.
§ That poverty is not hereditary except they make it so.
§ There is no free lunch and that in every genuine effort, there is profit; and finally,
§ That if they do nothing, the great potentials of their country will remain just that dormant and untapped ability which will not do anyone any good.

Few months ago, Mike Murdock, the international conference speaker and author, startled his audience in a seminar in Lagos, Nigeria when he told them that the problem with Nigeria is not that of lack of human and material resources but that of lack of wisdom. Lack of wisdom? You may ask. Yes, lack of wisdom. He said further that we should as a matter of urgency begin to develop our human capital in a consistent, deliberate and positive manner in order for our nation to take its rightful place in the comity of nations.

This declaration got the Nigerian audience thinking because the speaker has hit the nail right on the head for a nation is as good, as rich and as, developed as its citizens. No ruler, family head or corporate executive will be happy to see his citizens, family members or workers ravaged by poverty, lack and misery.

With due respect to Abraham Maslow, lack of money has been seen to be the root of all evils. If money is not important, as rightly asked by Les Brown, why do people lie for money and kill for money? You may be wondering why this writer is writing a whole book on how to get out of poverty. Some people have argued that everything is not money and we agree with them and there are millions of people who will ask you to give them money and leave them to take care of every other thing. A company owner once told his manager to take it easy that he won’t be happy as he then was when he became very rich. The manager asked his boss to give him the crown and let his head lie uneasy. If you are still wondering if money is important please, read this piece written by Westbrook Pegler.

Money is only clam shells or metal discs or scraps of paper, and there are treasures of the heart and soul which money cannot buy, but most people being broke, are unable to keep this in mind and sustain their spirits.
When a man is down and out and on the street, unable to get any job at all, something happens to his spirit which can be observed in the droop of his shoulders, the set of his hat, his walk and his gaze. He cannot escape a feeling of inferiority among people with regular employment, (even though he knows that they are definitely not his equals in character, intelligence or ability.)

These people-even his friends-feel on the other hand, a sense of superiority and regard him, perhaps unconsciously, as a casualty. He may borrow for a time, but not enough to carry on his accustomed way, and he cannot continue to borrow very long. But borrowing in itself, when a man is borrowing merely to live, is a depressing experience, and the money lacks the power of earned money to revive his spirits. Of course, none of this applies to bum or habitual ne’er-do-wells, but only to men of normal authorities and self respect.

Women in the same predicament must be different. We somehow do not think of women at all in considering the down-and-outers. They are scarce in the breadlines, they rarely are seen begging on the streets, and they are not recognizable in the crowds by the same plain sighs which identify busted men. Of course, I do not mean the shuffling hags of the city streets who are the opposite number of the confirmed male bums. I mean reasonably young, decent and intelligent women. There must be many of them, but their despair is not apparent. Maybe they kill themselves.

When a man is down and out he has time on his hands for brooding. He may travel miles to see a man about a job and discover that the job is filled or that it is one of those jobs with no base pay but only a commission on the sale of some useless knick-knacks which nobody would buy, except out of pity. Turning that down, he finds himself back on the street with nowhere to go but just anywhere. So he walks and walks. He gazes into store windows at luxuries which are not for him, and feel inferior and gives way to people who stop to look with an active interest. He wonders into the railroad station or put himself down in the library to ease his legs and soak up a little heat, but that isn’t looking for a job, so he gets going again. He may not know it, but his aimlessness would give him away even if the very lines of his figure did not. He may be well dressed in the clothes left over from the days he had steady job, but the clothes cannot disguise the droop.

He sees thousands of other people, bookkeepers or clerks or chemists or wagon hands, busy at their work and envies them from the bottom of his soul. They have their independence, their self respect and manhood, and he simply cannot convince himself that he is a good man, too, though he argues it out and arrive at a favourable verdict hour after hour.

It is just money which makes this difference in him. With a little money he would be himself again.

The piece you just read is from the United States, let’s get nearer because it is very important that we appreciate the level of depravity that lack of money and unemployment can lead a soul to.

Two street urchins called area boys in Nigeria were fighting in Ojuelegba, Lagos because one of them felt cheated in the sharing of the money they sleazed from one of their victims and one of them fainted in the process. Bystanders’ efforts at reviving the unconscious man were in vain and typical of Nigerians everybody began to hazard a guess as to what could have caused a huge man like that to faint so easily. Some suggested that they call the police, others that they pour water on the man while yet the third group continue pounding the unconscious man’s heart and fanning him at the same time. All this did not revive the man until one man suggested that they should ask the unconscious man if he had eaten since morning. People shouted at the man saying that he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Suddenly, the hitherto unconscious man opened his eyes and asked the sympathizers to look into the last sympathizer’s suggestion because he has not eaten in the last four days. When he was served food, he gulped it down like a hungry lion and got up and walked away as if nothing happened.

This may seems humorous and pathetic. But the issue is that poverty does not respect gender, tribe or race, it does not care whether one is ugly or beautiful, it ravages whoever gives it room. Poverty is very aggressive and need no special invitation to descend on any one who allows it. That is why money making must not be left to chance or good fortune. The only way to ensure that you have good fortune is to deliberately prepare yourself through training so that opportunity will not meet you unprepared.

In his writing George Clason noted that:
Wealth is a power. With wealth many things are possible. One may ornament his home with the richest furnishings. One may sail to the distant seas, one may do all these things and many others in which there is delight for the senses and gratification for the soul. And when I realize all these, I decided to myself that I would claim my share of the good things of life, I would not be one of those who stand afar off, enviously watching others enjoy, I would not be satisfied with the lot of a poor man. On the contrary, I would make myself a guest at this banquet of good things”.
Les Brown, the famous black American author, corroborated this when he wrote that money gives its owner options and enables one to live a life of contribution. To wish without given is worst that to ask and be refused. There is nothing that destroys a man’s resolve than his inability to financially help those that he loves.

It is necessary that more of our citizens become self-fulfilled because the share magnitude of the poor in our nation is frightening and if we do nothing, one day those who do not have may pull down those who do.

One task is to provide all the help that we can give to help our readers to become self-fulfilling because if they do, the whole society and the future generation will be better off for it.

If you are fed up like a wild dog with worrying about where your next meal, house rent, utility bills or the money with which to do that very thing that is dear to your heart will come from, then this book is for you. If you have been told several times that you will amount to nothing and you are not satisfied with your accomplishments so far then this book is must read.

If you have been told that only those from certain backgrounds make it in life and you are beginning to wonder if you will still make it then you must read this book. If you from a rich background and you are beginning to wonder whether you have the capacity to attain your parent’s level of prosperity talk less of surpassing it then you need to read this book. If you are beginning to feel that time is not on your side, then you must sit down and finish this book. If you are broke, busted and disgusted, don’t give up, just, just read on.

The principles contained in the pages ahead have been tried and found to be very effective irrespective of one’s background, social status or occupation. The ideas contained herein had taken people in this part of the world from applicants to company owners, from poverty and misery to wealth and happiness and from un-fulfillment to self-fulfillment. You don’t have to die poor because poverty is expensive but not hereditary except you make it so.

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